Thumbtack Brand Illustration Style


In the winter of 2018, Thumbtack engaged us to strategize and define their illustration style and system, with the mission to clearly reflect the identity of a company, speak clearly and empathetically to the people who use their platform, and scale across product and marketing in a versatile and consistent way through an illustration system.

This several month project included a major design sprint to produce two stand out concepts for stakeholder approval, refining a final concept and style, and implementing 60+ illustrations ongoing across the platform and marketing portal.

Read an in-depth article on the process in theĀ blog!

    Strategy & Brand Illustration
    Krystal Lauk
    Little Labs
  • thumbtack_mockup_screen1
  • thumbtack-promotions-share_your_location
  • thumbtack_choose_jobs
  • thumbtack_mockup_screen2
  • thumbtack-Explain-pay_per_contact
  • thumbtack_mockup_screen3
  • Thumbtack-email-onboarding_series-theres_no_stopping_you_now@1600px
  • thumbtack-email-trust@1600px
  • Thumbtack-Email-you_can_get_anything_done
  • thumbtack-empty_states-insights
  • thumbtack-Explain-compare_pros
  • thumbtack_email_its_free
  • thumbtack_empty_state_photo_library
  • thumbtack_empty_state_inbox
  • thumbtack_emptystate_empty_results
  • Thumbtack-notifications
  • thumbtack_progress-success_generic
  • Thumbtack_promote_icon