AIUX Brand Redesign


AIUX within Google is a user experience team made up of researchers, designers, and prototypers who believe that AI can help create a better world through a human first approach. AIUX engaged Lauk Haus to redesign a brand that embodies their characteristics, is scalable across pillars and co-brands, and reflects their mission.

    Art Direction
    Krystal Lauk
    Krystal Lauk
    Krystal Lauk
    Kaitlyn Eleniak

The Logo

We created a logo that reflected the team’s pioneering spirit, with a slash in the “A” that creates a pathway to discovery.


A Palette Inspired by the Sky

With artificial intelligence becoming such a huge aspect of our future, we wanted to communicate an energetic, aspirational outlook with the color palette. To conjure the kind of mood that comes upon you when looking out at a beautiful horizon.


A Pattern Full of Meaning

Inside the pattern, each symbol represents the different focuses and disciplines of the AIUX team.

I have had the luck to get to work with Krystal on several illustration, event design and branding projects over the past year. I have always enjoyed the enthusiasm and professionalism that she has brought to every project, and her ability to take a brief and turn it into something that really represents the ethos of what we were intending has been amazing. She really has a way of connecting with her clients and uses that to delivery joyful, delightful and on-target work. I highly recommend Krystal and can’t wait to get to work with her again!
Allison Garcia, User Experience Program & Product Manager

A Character Driven Style

We developed a unique illustration style to be implemented throughout the website. The style celebrates the collaborative and passionate spirit of AIUX, while bringing an organic whimsy to the rest of the brand.

  • google_aiux_Pillar_camera_and_hardware
  • google_aiux_Pillar_SALT
  • google_aiux_pillar_live_experiments
  • google_AIUX_Pillar_SCOUTS_02
  • google_aiux_Pillar_language
  • google_aiux_Pillar_PAIR