GPay Football Campaign


To kick off the football Superbowl season, GPay launched a gamified promotional microapp that involved a series of offers that users play to win. Lauk Haus was responsible for the overall concept, style direction, and creation of all visual illustrated assets and animations. We leaned into the theme of trading cards, to create a feeling of nostalgia and encourage the user to feel they are collecting a prized asset.

    Creative Direction
    Krystal Lauk
    Illustration & Animation
    David Lantz
    Krystal Lauk

Trading Cards Collectibles

When a user wins an offer, a pop up screen appears with the trading card that is placed in their collection.


Email Promotion

  • football-pre-campaign_screen-use_pay

    Use Google Play

  • football-pre-campaign_screen-earn25

    Earn Money

  • football-pre-campaign_screen-collect_cards

    Collect Football Cards


Pre-Campaign Screen


Social Media Promotional Material

  • football_screen_mockup-oops

    Oops Error State

  • football_screen_mockup-celebratory

    Payflow Success Screen