Wells Fargo Digital Experiences Illustration System

Wells Fargo

We had the pleasure of strategizing and creating the illustration system for Digital Experiences, the organization within Wells Fargo that manages all the website, application, and ATM platforms. Through our process, we established a cohesive end to end experience across all platforms, in a way that customers can easily understand product offerings and use as a trusted resource.

Through identifying the main objectives of what the illustration system needed to achieve, we set out creating a range of styles and themes that align with the Wells Fargo brand, using a diverse sample of products to test from.

    Art Direction
    Krystal Lauk
    Krystal Lauk
    David Lantz
    Hayden Currie

Leading the Way

As the winning direction, this concept uses pattern as a guiding force that’s always there for the customer to complete their journey. This pattern gives energy to scenes of everyday life, acts as a metaphorical visual in a narrative, and provides direction for the customer.

  • wellsfargo_mockup-mobile_01
  • wellsfargo_mockup-mobile_02
  • Screen-Shot-2021-10-14-at-8.30.50-PM-2048x1220
  • Screen-Shot-2021-10-14-at-8.30.39-PM-2048x1105

Alternative Concepts


Life’s a Journey

We hark back to the American pioneering days of Wells Fargo, featuring characters as they travel across the country.

  • mockup_journey_comic_account_summary_example copy
  • mockup_journey_realistic_account_summary_example copy

Magic Platform

This direction builds a magical world around digital experiences, as characters interact with screens and icons as portals that connect them instantly to their finances. This direction was ultimately incorporated into the “Leading the Way” concept.

  • mockup_magic_platform_realistic_account_summary_example copy
  • mockup_magic_platform_flat_account_summary_example copy

Harvesting Your Bounty

This direction uses the metaphor of gardening, to communicate growth of your financial assets through nurturing.