Uber Trip Experiences


Uber approached Lauk Haus to create a series of illustrations communicating use cases for their new service, Trip Experiences. Trip Experiences make it possible for 3rd party developers to bring the context of a user’s ride to their applications. These use cases helped to inspire developers, and set the tone for future innovations by creating realistic scenarios and human behavior through illustration. Once the service along with the blog post was launched through Uber’s Developer Blog site, many major tech and business news outlets soon caught on to share the news, along with the Trip Experiences illustrations.

    Sequential Illustration
    Krystal Lauk
I brought Krystal on for the project at Uber, which was a great decision. She delivered really compelling concepts that communicated the product feature in a refreshing way we hadn’t thought about before. We loved the illustrations so much that we used them in our product announcement, as well as for our developer event. I’ve brought Krystal Lauk Studios [fmr name of Lauk Haus] on a number of projects since then.
Chris Saad, Head of Product at Uber