accounts_payable_background_final copy

Routable Brand Illustration Style

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Routable, a leading mass automated billing company, to create a brand illustration style that embodies their core values of empathy, assistance, and purpose. The result? “Psychedelic Systems,” a visually stunning style that captures the essence of Routable’s vision and the intricate world of databases and code.

Routable serves as the backbone behind brilliant ideas, empowering dreams with unwavering security and intelligent automation. To bring this concept to life, we crafted a style which symbolizes the contrast between application and engine. By combining monochrome and structured geometric elements reminiscent of mechanics, with vibrant and bold colors, and abstract representations of inspiration and creativity, we achieved a truly unique and powerful visual language.

This visual language reflects the promise of ultimate efficiency and cutting-edge technology that Routable delivers. The illustrations portray a futuristic landscape, where lines of code intertwine with vibrant bursts of colors, representing the seamless integration of intelligent automation with the creative potential of their clients.

This style sets Routable apart, capturing their dedication to bridging the gap between technology, innovation, and human powered assistance.

    Creative Direction
    Krystal Lauk
    Chris Koehler
    David Lantz
    Abby Green