We Are Lauk Haus.

Meet Our Chosen Creative Family.

We are two best friends from art school who had an idea for an illustration led design agency. Since then we’ve grown from dabbling in projects together, to being a solid, flexible team of inner circle creatives. Today we are fortunate to breathe humanity and delight into some of the biggest brands on earth, and do what we love while we’re at it.

  • Krystal
    Krystal Lauk
    –Owner, Creative Director
    Krystal lives in San Francisco with her little family of three. She comes with a wealth of experience, being one of the OG Illustrators to recognize the need for illustration within the Tech industry. When she’s not strategizing on illustration systems, she’s basking in the sun on a picnic blanket with her son, and going on nature walks.
  • serious_David01
    David Henry Lantz
    –Lead Illustrator, Animator
    David has been known to look for boots in Milan, spend the night with farmers in rural India, and enjoy a cigar in Tokyo. In short, He’s a digital nomad who left his heart in San Francisco. When he’s not busy making clients look damn good, he can be seen plein air painting his travels.

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